F1サーカス / F1 Circus  
名前   JP   F1サーカス / F1 Circus  
発売日   1990年09月14日 (¥6900)
開発部   Nihon Bussan (Nichibutsu) / 日本物産(ニチブツ)
発行者   Nihon Bussan (Nichibutsu) / 日本物産(ニチブツ)
メディア   HuCard
ジャンル   Racing
型番/品番   NB90002
変種   ノーマル
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スコーア: 6.5 / 10
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Added on 2014年06月10日 06:47:15 by opticalnoise
It's a pretty poor implementation of a top down racer. You are not allowed to see far enough ahead of you to make good driving decisions and instead solely rely on arrows, however these are again insufficient in telling you how long a turn will be. Speed is also too fast, in the sense that you cannot control yourself once you achieve top speed. The game is not unplayable, but it's just very mediocre. My score: 5/10
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