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1941カウンターアタック / 1941 Counter Attack 1991 Super HuCard JP
アームドF / Formation Armed F 1990 HuCard JP
R-Type 1989 HuCard US
アヴェンジャー / Avenger 1990 CD-ROM² JP
青いブリンク / Aoi Blink / Blue Blink 1990 HuCard JP
アフターバーナーII / After Burner II 1990 HuCard JP
André Panza Kick Boxing 1991 HuCard US
Ys - Book I & II   CD-ROM² US
Ys 3 - Wanderers From Ys   CD-ROM² US
It Came from the Desert   CD-ROM² US
Impossamole 1991 HuCard US
Implode 2002 Super CD-ROM² US
Air Zonk 1992 HuCard US
Aero Blasters 1990 HuCard US
Alien Crush 1989 HuCard US
Exile 1992 CD-ROM² US
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon 1993 Super CD-ROM² US
Order Of The Griffon 1992 HuCard US
Ordyne 1989 HuCard US
Cadash 1991 HuCard US
Camp California   Super CD-ROM² US
Gun Boat 1992 HuCard US
Keith Courage In Alpha Zones 1989 HuCard US
ギャラガ'88 / Galaga '88 1988 HuCard JP
Galaga '90 1989 HuCard US
King Of Casino 1990 HuCard US
Klax 1990 HuCard US
Cratermaze 1990 HuCard US
Gate Of Thunder   Super CD-ROM² US
Ghost Manor 1992 HuCard US
Cosmic Fantasy 2   CD-ROM² US
Cotton   Super CD-ROM² US
The Addams Family   CD-ROM² US
The Legendary Axe 1989 HuCard US
The Legendary Axe II 1990 HuCard US
Sidearms 1989 HuCard US
Cyber Core 1990 HuCard US
Silent Debuggers 1991 HuCard US
Samurai Ghost 1992 HuCard US
J.J. & Jeff 1990 HuCard US
J.B. Harold Murder Club   CD-ROM² US
Shape Shifter   Super CD-ROM² US
Syd Mead's Terraforming   Super CD-ROM² US
Sinistron 1991 HuCard US
Sim Earth   Super CD-ROM² US
Sherlock Holmes Vol.1   CD-ROM² US
Sherlock Holmes Vol.2   Super CD-ROM² US
Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu 1992 HuCard US
Jack Nicklaus's Turbo Golf 1990 HuCard US
Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf   CD-ROM² US
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